​Mary D'Agostino

 Celebrate the cycle of the Seasons and the Moon by gathering with like-minded, soul inspired others within the sacred Space of the Heart of Gaia.

Moon, Solstice and Equinox Gatherings are threefold-

  •  To open the space, we create a prayer bundle~ a mandala of blessings, wishes, and prayers. You are to bring an offering that represents your prayers at this time. Flowers, herbs, teas, sweets...

  • We  journey deep into the wise and sacred inner space of our own hearts, minds and spirits through guided meditation. We  recieve messages of love and gratitude or have an experience that somehow enhances our everyday life.

  • To complete the evening, each participant receives an answer to a question or pertinent guidance as I read your astrology chart and share the insights with you. 

To close our sacred ceremony and teaching space, we will burn the Prayer Bundle, dispatching our prayers, blessings and wishes out into the Universe.

These gatherings are workshop oriented with learning and celebrating at the core! They are a powerful way to gather, offer your prayers in sacred circle and receive valuable messages. 

Each gathering is small and intimate with no more than 12 participants. 


                    Full/New Moon


​                                        Solstice

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Summer Solstice Prayer Mandala

2018 Gatherings

New Moon Gathering

February 15 


Spring Equinox Gathering 

March 20


Full Moon Gathering

May 29


Summer Solstice Gathering

June 21


Full Moon Gathering

July 27


Full Moon Gathering

August 25


Autumnal Equinox Gathering

September 22


Full Moon Gathering

October 24


Happy Thanksgiving-

Full Moon is on Thanksgiving

Winter Solstice Gathering

December 21


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Tuition $35

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If you have questions, please email me, I LOVE to answer your questions.


  Heart of Gaia Creative Healing Arts 

970.988.5090  mary@marydagostino.com