​Mary D'Agostino

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I followed the path of love

around and around, up and out

A gracious growl, a ferocious fire 

A torrid rain, a gentle pond 

Surrender, Release 

Hold on, Let Go

Up, Down

within and through  

Claw and Tooth

Medicine of the Ages

The Healing Continues 

It is so very important to honor the process, even though, and especially when, the travel takes you deep into  territory that one hopes to never experience. 

Deep healing through allowing the process of active grieving is a most potent gift.

In this process I have come home to my heart and soul over and over again. Here-in I find a vibrant, healing sanctuary and a continual deepening that is unexplainable in words, yet palpable in presence. 

My sacred service through my vocation has been to assist you in connecting to a deeper experience of your own Eternal Self. This connection is the rock and anchor of life. It is my honor to continue serving you, my fellow travelers from the well of Divine Healing and Sacred Inspiration. May we walk together along our most sacred paths, in this year ahead. 



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  Heart of Gaia Creative Healing Arts 

Once upon a time...

 As far back as I remember, I was acutely aware of  others feelings and thoughts, as well as the energies of places, the "spirit" of plants, animals, and the earth, nature's cycles, angelic presence, and the unseen, yet ever present world of Spirit.

A natural knowing helped me make sense of a  complicated world.   

Along the way, teachers, both physical and in Spirit, assisted me in cultivating my natural knowing and the ever constant process of awakening to a deeper understanding of the mysteries of Life and how to live in constant connection with these Mysteries. 

I am grateful for the teachers, and the opportunities that showed up as I followed the path of my Heart, and the ever growing Light within. Through birth, death, break ups, break downs, destruction, rebuilding, illness and wellness, I have come to know that Life is a Sacred Journey and Life and Love are our greatest Teachers. 

My professional studies took me into the fields of Human Potential,  Life/Soul Coaching, Energy Medicine, Core Shamanism, Yoga, Meditation, Intuitive Development,  English, Journalism, Art and Design, Writing for Personal Growth and Development, Astrology, and Spiritual Counseling. Each one of these professional practices gave me a sacred container in which to hone and share my gifts.

The Mystery was revealing itself to me, with each step I took to find and live the truth of my heart and soul. 

In 2004 I created a professional space- a virtual and physical place, to assist others in awakening to their inner truth, power, light and the creative expression of their True Spirit. This sacred and holy space is where we share the ancient traditions of the medicine women of our ancestral lineage,  where healing, counsel,  weaving story, sacred circle gatherings, oracular insight, natural remedies, plant, spirit, earth and animal medicine, spirit connection and celebration of the Divine Feminine, are a way of life.  

This way of life is a living out of the Mysteries of Life and I named it Sacredly Inspired Living. It is the way of the modern Healer, Mystic, Shaman and Medicine Woman. It is alive within each one of us and if you find yourself here, reading this, you too are questing to live the Sacredly Inspired Life. 

My life path has taken me through the holy waters of birth and the transformational fires of death. I am an elder now, a Grandmother and Wise Queen and the Sacred has guided me each step of the way.

I wear my crown of life experience lightly with a dash of humor and joy as I meet and greet you who come seeking counsel, personal growth, connection to the Divine, health and well-being, creative inner discovery, the power of your body, mind and spirit to heal, and real life changing assistance. This is my soul's deepest joy and Passionate Profession. 

My personal and professional passions intermingle. I live a sacredly inspired life, doing my best to walk my talk , and share truth, love, and joy,  and fun, with my children, grandchildren, friends and community.   

I am Mom to five grown children, one of whom is in Spirit, and grandma (G-Ma) to five (and counting) little grandsons. I live and practice in one of the most glorious places on this Earth~ Colorado.

One of my very favorite things to do is to enjoy the beauty and majesty of the Divine made manifest through you, my clients, my family, friends, the Rocky Mountains, the wonders of Nature!

Be inspired and know you are always loved~ here in the Heart of Gaia.

May each day bring you an infinite well of love, and the inspiration to pursue your heart and soul's desires.