Heart of Gaia Creative Healing Arts 

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​Mary D'Agostino

Heart of Gaia

Sacred Heart Wisdom School

 Experience the birthing of your beautiful, magnificent, creative spirit, inner wisdom, healer, wise self, and intuitive genius.

The time we spend together in sacred circle is some of the most treasured and amazing life changing experiential time. It is my honor and pleasure to hold space for the transformation of your self and the awakening of your beautiful and creative soul. 

The time we spend in the learning environment is always uplifting, inspiring and usually surprising when you realize your own potential is shining out from within. The excitement is contagious, the love nourishing and the connections are soul enhancing.

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​Writing your way to awakening your inner wise self.

​​Gather under the light of the moon and learn the age old art of moon casting through the astrology of the stars and planets.


Ready to awaken your own inner healing ability? 

Awaken your six senses and learn practical ways to apply your "knowing."
Psychic Development Series --Sacredly Inspired Living