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Dearest Fellow Travelers,


I welcome you to Heart of Gaia 2018. The first year of bereavement has come to a close and a new year has opened it's potential. 

Bereavement Continues

A gracious love, a ferocious fire 

A torrid rain, a gentle pond 

Surrender, Release 

Up, Down 

Claw and Tooth 

Medicine of the Ages

It is so very important to honor the process, even though, and especially when, the travel takes you deep into  territory that one hopes to never experience.

Deep healing through allowing the process of active grieving is a most potent gift.

In this process I have come home to my heart and soul. Here-in I find a vibrant, healing sanctuary and a continual deepening that is unexplainable in words, yet palpable in presence. 



My sacred service through my vocation has been to assist you in connecting to a deeper experience of your own Eternal Self. This connection is the rock and anchor of life. 

I am seeing clients and holding gatherings/classes at this time. Spaces are limited, yet please do not hesitate to book a session,  join in a Gathering or take part in a class.

​Each meeting is an opportunity for expansion, growth and heart opening JOY  for all!

Thank you to all who continue to offer me and my family so much love and support. Visit Brandon's Legacyto learn about supporting my son's legacy.






​Mary D'Agostino


  Heart of Gaia Creative Healing Arts 

​​Intuitive Guide 

Inspirational Educator 

Energy Medicine Practitioner 

Soul Medium