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Dearest Fellow Travelers,


As I tend to the healing of my heart, my family and I are in gratitude for the assistance we have been receiving from Angels on Earth. Your outpouring of love and support in the varied ways that you have shown up is greatly appreciated. Keep it coming.


Love Expressed, Heals the Giver and Receiver. 


I am seeing clients on a limited basis now. I am available for Intuitive Readings and Distance Healing Sessions via phone, email, Skype and FaceTime. 

Do not hesitate to book your session. Moon Gatherings, Reiki Classes and Journaling are scheduled. 


2017 is devoted to bereavement and self-care, leading into a deep transformation which will be shared with all of you. 


Bereavement is a potent time and Spirit is constantly letting me know- "Don't miss this time." As painful as it is, this is the time when a deeper soul experience is born. 


May the hand of the Divine rest gently upon your backs as we traverse this realm of Life together. Please know that as I heal, I am holding each of you in Divine Love. 


Keep on Shining!





Liberate your Spirit

Transform setbacks into opportunities.

Encourage your Heart to Soar

 Learn how to live a sacredly inspired life~honing intuition and awakening Soul Power.

Awaken your Timeless Wisdom

Connect with your inner Spiritual Guidance system.

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​Mary D'Agostino

Working with Mary has been nothing short of life changing. Our work together is one of the greatest gifts I have given myself. She shares insight, encouragement, compassion and discernment and in doing so has helped me to listen to my own inner guidance and live a life that has deep meaning and is beautiful for me. I think of Mary as my Spiritual Midwife, and I thank my lucky stars that our paths have crossed. I am eternally grateful. 

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